iPhone X
The iPhone X with Face ID. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Apple customers have been lining up for days to get their hands on one of the new Apple iPhone X’s. The phones sold quickly during pre-order when they were released last week and those who missed out then either had to place an order and wait for several weeks for their phone to arrive or try to get in line for the new device.

The speed at which the phones were sold during pre-ordering might have been what spurred the long lines that far surpassed those that formed for the iPhone 8 launch. Customers who are lining up are ready to pay upwards of $1,000 for the newest model. The phone comes loaded with the newest features including the facial recognition, Animoji and the updates camera and effects.

People were lining up at Apple stores worldwide for the Friday launch. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, made an appearance at the Palo Alto store to welcome the first customers into the store when it opened.

Someone even offered the first person in line at the Palo Alto store $5,000 for their spot at the front.

The line is New York at the store on 5th Avenue stretched down the street and around the corner.

Apple employees greeted the customers who had waited in line for hours, some who waited in freezing cold weather, like those in London.

Even in smaller cities, like Orlando, Florida, The Mall at Millenia saw long lines of customers waiting to buy.

Or the Apple Store in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Many people had been waiting since mid-day Thursday, some of whom were being paid to hold a spot in line or to buy a phone for someone else. These people outside of the Georgetown, Washington D.C. location started lining up around 2 p.m. EDT Thursday.

The first man in line at an Apple store in Malaysia waited for three days to score two of the new phones, one for his wife and one for himself.

Those who ordered the phone online and are waiting for it to ship may have to wait up to eight weeks for the phone to arrive but some estimates are saying it should be more like three to four. Additionally, carriers like AT&T and Verizon have a select amount of the new phones in the store for