Apple has recently confirmed that some of its products have some power issue that potentially prevent from booting up again. However, the company is currently offering free repairs if they’re affected by this power problem. Owners can also check if they’re affected by this problem through Apple’s official site.

As seen on Apple’s official support site, some iPhone 6 and 6s units have component issues which result it to never turning on again. The company was able to pinpoint the batch of iPhone 6 and 6s units to be made around October 2018 to August 2019.

These specific devices have a failing component and cause the device to not be turn on again despite having battery charge. Once it’s proven that the iPhone is having this problem, it can be brought to the nearest Apple store for a free repair.

Owners who want to check if their phone has these defective parts can check on Apple’s official site for the problem. However, this process needs the device’s serial number to accurately check if it was part of the problem batch.

If the device is a match, Apple will be able to replace that component for free. However, Apple’s repair service will charge for any other parts that the Store needs to replace to fix the component. The store will also refuse to work on the iPhone if the smartphone comes from a different country of purchase.

This free repair service would only be available for two years after the purchase of these iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s units. So far, the latest iPhone 11 doesn’t have any defective batches so far but the iOS 13 had so much bugs that its first update had to be released earlier than scheduled.

As of now, Apple is enjoying a surge of iPhone 11 demand and working to sell as much devices to ride this wave. Throughout 2019, the company has focusing away from devices and only announcing free services like this every now and then. Apple also released new smart devices throughout the year but didn’t reveal them on main stage announcements.