Researchers have discovered a flaw within Apple's iPhone SMS feature , an exploit that could infect every iPhone through Short Message Service (SMS), or text messaging.

The cyber security researchers Charles Miller and fellow cyber security researcher, Collin Mulliner discovered the iPhone bug which they unveiled in a cyber conference today in Las Vegas.

All the attacker needs to do is send some characters in an SMS message, but recipients will only see one character. In order for the attacker to successfully send the messages it needs reliable numbers meaning the attacker must know your phone number.

Protecting personal numbers is the best way to keep your iPhone safe. Only distribute numbers to close friends.

In order to avoid getting infected, you need to need to shut down your iPhone.

Still worried?

Apple, in first week of July, is preparing to patch the SMS holes of iPhone.. The patch wouldn’t take so long to come since it was already revealed to more than 4,000 hackers.