• Disabled iPhones can be unlocked without the help of PCs and Macs
  • However, it is difficult to do so
  • If all else fails, it's best to leave it to repair services and Apple themselves

Apple has long provided the iPhone’s self-disabling feature if incorrect passwords are used on the phone’s unlock screen. Fixing it normally requires a PC or a Mac to undo the lock on a disabled iPhone. Fortunately, there are ways to unlock the iPhone without the need for a computer.

Aside from finding the right password after getting it wrong, the solutions for fixing a disabled iPhone without a computer are there but also few and difficult. If the password has been recorded in a notebook or written down somewhere, it would be best to find and use it as soon as possible. If not, a tedious process is needed if a computer is nowhere near and thus cannot be used to unlock the iPhone.

Before getting locked out, the iPhone user has a maximum of 10 tries before the phone requires iTunes on a computer to have it unlocked. Halfway through those tries, the iPhone will add a cooldown period where the user will have to wait for a minute up to an hour before they can try a password again.

Through ICloud

Using the iCloud app on the PC can be an alternative without the need to connect the iPhone to it. However, the iPhone needs to have an active data connection before it was disabled for the iCloud solution to work.

If the connection still holds, go to the website on your computer and sign in your Apple account. Confirm on every authorization needed to use the app on the computer and use the “Find my iPhone” feature on iCloud. Use the feature to do a hard reboot on the iPhone to clear out the lock. Only go for this solution if there are iPhones available for download and no important files will be lost in the process.

Rely on Third-Party Repair Services

The government’s quarantine measures are currently making it impossible to go out and have the phone fixed through Apple’s repair services in their stores. However, third-party repair services, such as uBreakIFix, are currently offering a way to have those devices fixed if you’ll entrust the iPhone with them or go with a home service option.

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