Aside from simply connecting with friends, the iPhone has more features that can help you out throughout the day. Tricks like setting music timers and even checking your song history with Siri is also possible. Here are some nifty iPhone tips and tricks to help you out.

Music Timer

If you’re planning to listen to music as you sleep or just want it to go away automatically after some time, the Music Time feature is your friend. To set this, go to the Clock app and tap on Timer. At the bottom part of the Timer’s settings, you can find the Stop Music option. Turn that on and the music or playlist will automatically stop once the timer runs out.

Siri Song History

While in iTunes, Siri can be asked about the songs you’ve previously asked the Apple assistant to find. To do this, just press the three line icon near the top of the display and pick Siri. This feature is really helpful if you’ve got a song that’s always at the tip of your tongue but really don’t know how to ask Siri to find it again.

Reopen Closed Tab

Ever accidentally closed a Safari tab as you were browsing? If you want to get that lost tab back, the “+” button at the bottom of the screen can help you get back that tab as it’ll pop up a list that’ll show you the recently closed tabs. Just pick the ones you need and get back to browsing.

Quick Settings Access

If you want to see your phone’s settings stat, just say "Settings" to Siri and it’ll pop up. This feature will work when you’re in other apps like checking your photos or messages.

Multiple App Moving

If you want to manage your apps in folders en masse, you can do this through holding one icon with your finger and tapping others while moving it. The other icons will now follow the one you’re holding and you can move them together to any folder or part of the screen you like.

iPhone Siri
Siri will soon use third-party apps by default. (Pictured: A woman tries to use 'Siri' voice-activated assistant software built into the Apple iPhone 4S March 13, 2012 in Washington, DC.) AFP/Getty Images/Karen Bleier