Apple has been sending emails to current iPhone owners about the next iPhone XR. The mail markets the new phone as better than the owner’s current one, but is it really better than your smartphone?

As seen on Macrumors report, Apple has been aggressively marketing the iPhone XR to Apple users through email. The mail’s details depends on the user’s current phone, but it mostly pits their current phone’s features against the iPhone XR. Since the iPhone XR is a new phone, it’s always technically better, depending if you have the budget for it. If you do, here are the features listed from email sent to a user with an iPhone 6 Plus:

  • Larger display than an iPhone 6 Plus in a smaller design
  • Most durable glass ever in a smartphone
  • Longest battery life ever in an iPhone
  • Water and splash resistant
  • Up to 3x faster performance than iPhone 6 Plus
  • Studio-quality photos and 4K video
  • More storage for all your photos and apps
  • Face ID is even easier and more secure than Touch ID

But the iPhone 6 Plus was released in 2014, and Apple has already innovated and change a lot in the iPhone since then. Generally, it’s a good idea to change your phone to the latest version, and the iPhone XR is the budget phone among the latest generation of iPhones right now.

While the iPhone XR is slightly weaker than the iPhone X and XS Plus when it comes to performance, the iPhone XR is much more portable due to its smaller size. Additionally, the better display of the iPhone X and XS is also solved as the Liquid Retina HD display makes the iPhone XR as good as prior versions.

For now, the iPhone XR is also cheaper than the iPhone X’s $999 price as the XR costs only $549. Apple also provides a trade-in price of $200. If you can afford an iPhone XR, it’s a good choice not only because of its good performance but also of its price.