Mophie has released new iPhone Juice Pack Air battery cases for Apple’s current iPhone models, all of which promises to add substantial talktime before needing a charge.

Those who feel their iPhone XR, iPhone XS or XS Max don’t last them a day have a lifesaver in Mophie’s latest Juice Pack Air battery cases, MacRumors reported. These cases are now available exclusively for Amazon Prime members, and are available in different colors.

The Juice Pack Air battery cases for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are similar to the one Mophie released for the iPhone X late last year. These work to extend the iPhone’s battery life, giving users more talk, text and browse time before needing to look for a way to charge the device.


As mentioned, Mophie’s new Juice Pack Air battery cases promise to add substantial battery life to the iPhone. Each battery case has a built-in 1,720 mAh battery that delivers enough power to extend the life of an iPhone.

By using Mophie’s offering, the iPhone X and iPhone XS can last up to a total of 28 hours, whereas the iPhone XR and XS Max can last up to a total of 34 hours. Assuming this is talktime, it simply means that with the Juice Air Packs, iPhone users can keep talking to someone on the phone for a whole day and not worry about the iPhone shutting down for lack of power.

The Juice Air Pack battery cases can be charged using Qi or other wireless charging systems. These cases are compatible with virtually any charging pad, including those found in public places such as airports and cafes, and can also be charged using wireless chargers found in new furniture and cars. No wireless charging pads? The traditional Lightning cable works on it, too.

The Juice Air Pack battery cases have a “Priority+ Charge & Sync” feature which means the iPhone gets charged before the battery case. Users are assured that their iPhone is of first importance compared to the battery case.

In addition to giving iPhones more juice, the battery cases also keep the iPhones safe with internal rubberized support pads placed inside a hard-shell case. Raised corners protect the iPhone from scratches and cracks as well.

Mophie’s Juice Air Pack battery cases are available for $99 for Amazon Prime members.

Apple will be unveiling this year's iPhones soon, reports believe. (Pictured: Ann Thai, senior product marketing manager of the App Store at Apple Inc., speaks during a company product launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on March 25, 2019 in Cupertino, California. ) Michael Short/Getty Images