Apple Inc. will unveil its highly anticipated iPhone5 on Tuesday. The “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, to be held at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., has iPhone and Android fans alike buzzing about possible features. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ recent announcement that he was stepping down as CEO has contributed greatly to this speculation, as many wonder how Apple and the iPhone will continue in the wake of his retirement.

With Android smartphones constantly nipping at the heels of the iPhone -- most notably Samsung’s GalaxyS2 and Epic4G Touch -- Apple cannot afford to rest on its laurels. Android has equaled or surpassed many of the iPhone4’s features, and the iPhone5 is new CEO Tim Cook’s opportunity to put Apple back on top of the smartphone market. Here are 10 features Apple must implement with the iPhone5 to remain competitive with the ascending Android.

Start the slideshow to find out what features iPhone must have to breeze past Android rivals.

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