• Ivanka Trump praised the frontliners who have been working hard despite the threats posed by the coronavirus outbreak
  • Netizens lambasted Ivanka and the current administration, accusing them of lying to the American people
  • Ivanka Trump faced backlash after sharing a video of her kids washing their hands with $39 soap as millions of Americans lose their jobs

Ivanka Trump has been using her social media channels to give important updates about the country’s situation amid the coronavirus pandemic. The daughter of President Donald Trump has also been reminding her followers to practice social distancing while highlighting the significance of hygiene during this health crisis. Despite Ivanka’s efforts to help flatten the curve, knockers continue to condemn her and her family.

Recently, Ivanka took to Twitter to acknowledge the frontliners who have been working and fighting very hard against the deadly COVID-19. “God bless the frontline workers selflessly serving their communities during the #COVID19 crisis,” the wife of Jared Kushner wrote. “Thank you to the health care workers, first responders, nurses, grocery store employees, truck drivers & more who are stepping up to keep us safe during these unprecedented times,” she continued.

Critics were quick to respond to Ivanka Trump’s tweet and took the opportunity to denounce her and the current administration. “Geez why the drama now when we worse viruses annually? You do realize we have trillions of them in our bodies right?” Jenny Smith responded to the tweet. “Your father killed millions of people by firing the pandemic response team in 2018, calling coronavirus a hoax last month and delaying coronavirus testing for political reasons, so you should probably just shut the fuck up and go away,” another netizen wrote in the comment section.

“Many will lose their lives because of your administration's gross negligence,” Justin Hendrix stated. “What are YOU doing to contribute, Ms. DoNothing?  If tweeting nonsense like your father is all you have to contribute, maybe you should put your phone away and play with your kids,” Daniel Ashley said. “If you truly cared you would get your incompetent family out of our government,” a fifth Twitter user penned.

“Maybe you can help get them the suplies that they need so bad! Actions speak louder than words!” another netizen shared. “If only daddy had acted sooner. Take a seat, and stop talking,” Donna Masiello added. Ivanka Trump has yet to respond to these harsh remarks.

Meanwhile, shared Ivanka faced backlash after sharing a clip of her three children  -- Joseph, 6, Theodore, 4, and Arabella, 8 -- washing their hands with $39 soap as millions of Americans lose their jobs. The stepdaughter of Melania Trump and her family have been self-isolating since Friday after she was exposed to the deadly virus recently. Australian minister Peter Dutton has tested positive for COVID-19 after his meeting with Ivanka Trump and the other cabinet members.