• Ivanka Trump tweets love over hate in celebration of Pride Month
  • The presidential daughter consistently uses her social media accounts to post positive messages 
  • The message of love comes after the recent spate of violent clashes between protesters and authorities in the wake of George Floyd's death

Ivanka Trump asks for "more love" in celebration of Pride month.

Ivanka, daughter of the most powerful man in the U.S., has been consistent in her support of the LGBTQ community despite backlash due to President Donald Trump's position on equality and same sex marriage. On Tuesday, Ivanka tweeted her "love" for the community on the second day of Pride month.

“Less hate, more love! #Pride2020” her post read. This comes as intense protests grip the country that has not yet recovered from the social unrest resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent nationwide protests were sparked by the death of George Floyd, an African-American who died while being arrested by police in Minneapolis.

Floyd’s death spurred anti-racist movements, as it has not been long since the killing of two other African-Americans by white shooters early this year. Trump’s government met with criticism as the protests turned into violent clashes with authorities.

“People in Mineapolis are hurting for a reason. Justice is how we heal,” Ivanka tweeted on May 29. The presidential daughter has maintained a upbeat outlook on her social media, choosing to post positive messages instead of negatively responding to her detractors.

Ivanka has been seen as a “moderating influence" to her father. However, this role has also been questioned after President Trump continued to enact policies that were opposite her statements.

In 2017, President Trump passed a transgender military policy that does not allow individuals with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to enlist. This was seen as a major step backward in the recognition of LGBTQ rights.

In a report by Business Insider, Ivanka had reportedly been blindsided by his father’s decision, believing he was in full support of the LGBTQ community. In her work as an unpaid adviser at the White House, she has been able to influence the president on policies supporting the welfare of children and women.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump An Australian minister who was with Ivanka Trump last week was tested positive for coronavirus. In the picture, President Donald Trump hugs his daughter and senior advisor Ivanka Trump, who attended a party at billionaire Jeff Bezos' home in January where Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell was also present. Photo: GETTY / Drew Angerer