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Ivanka Trump can be tough but she is easier to get along with than her father President Donald Trump.

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are both senior advisers to the president for women’s issues and strategic planning, respectively. Several of those who worked with Ivanka thought she’s easier to get along with compared to her dad.

For instance, the first daughter reportedly helped former Vornado executive Steven Roth smoothen things over a difficult legal dispute. She also said that Ivanka was “wonderfully diplomatic through the entire process.”

However, another insider said that there was something Ivanka wanted to hide from the public view. In the 2019 book “Kushner Inc,” author Vicky Ward shared how Ivanka acted after taking control over the Trump SoHo property in 2014.

“No one on the outside knew, for example, that in discussions with the West Coast-based real estate firm CIM Group, which wanted to kill the licensing deal with the Trump Organisation at the Trump SoHo after taking control of the property in 2014, she would lose the softness in her voice and talk coldly and menacingly, according to someone who was told about the conversations,” Ward wrote.

“Ivanka could be very tough and she can come after you.” 

Ivanka’s husband is as sinister as the president, but he is also tougher than what he seems. A business associate said that Ivanka’s husband is not a pussycat and appears very pasty, well-dressed and put together. He always says the right things, but he can be tough, too, just like his wife. However, Ivanka is “in control in their marriage.”

Donald is very proud of Ivanka’s achievements. In fact, he believes that Ivanka is his heir apparent. The POTUS is confident that she would win the presidential race if she would join it because she is “very, very hard to beat.”

Meanwhile, Ivanka and her stepmother Melania Trump are cordial but not close. The first lady reportedly felt that the first daughter “invaded her turf.”

Donald Ivanka Trump President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump attend 'The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life' book launch celebration at Trump Tower in New York City, Oct. 14, 2009. Photo: Getty Images