Chris Pontius has opened up about his fellow "Jackass" star Poopies, who got bit by a shark while performing a stunt titled, "Jumping the shark," for a show named, "Shark Week," that airs on Discovery Channel.

Pontius recalled that after the shark attack, which took place in July last year, Poopies arm was "dangling by the tendons." The 47-year-old stunt performer further said that the team thought as soon as he falls in the water, the group of sharks will "scatter" but instead, they attacked him.

"We thought the sharks would scatter when he landed off the jump, but instead they attacked him," Pontius told the "I’ve Got News For You" podcast's host Andrew Bucklow on Wednesday. "Right when he landed, you knew it was gonna go bad."

The stunt performer explained how they had to fly Poopies to Florida from the island country where they were filming the stunt.

"We were in an island country and we had to fly him to Florida," he added. "Luckily they were able to sew the tendons and blood vessels back and he made a total recovery."

In case you have missed the clip of the shark attack, watch here:

During the interview, Pontius was asked his favorite stunts from the movie, "Jackass Forever," which was released on Feb. 4.

He revealed MMA heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou punching one of his crew members named Aaron in the groin was his favorite stunt, adding Ngannou's one punch is equal "to being hit by a Ford Escort at top speed."

"He holds the record for hardest punch in the world," Pontius added. "He [Ngannou] was such a sweet guy, you know, enormous and just spectacularly powerful but he was really funny … when he hit Aaron it was hilarious."

Pontius also teased that fans might get to see another installment of the "Jackass" movie franchise. "We made this one like it was the last one," he said. "Everyone went full on for this movie ... but you never know what will happen."

"Jackass Forever" was helmed by the director Jeff Tremaine and it also stars Johnny Knoxville, Rachel Wolfson, Bam Margera, Steve O and Jason Acuña. The first installment of the franchise, "Jackass: The Movie," was released in 2002.

Hammerhead shark
Representative image of hammerhead sharks. Pixabay