The Occupy Wall Street movement might be an unwanted entity among law-enforcement agencies throughout the country, but it's certainly not runnin' on empty. At least as far as Jackson Browne is concerned.

Doctor My Eyes singer Browne will appear at Occupy Wall Street's protest spot at Zuccotti Park in New York City on Thursday, two weeks after NYPD officers swept into the park to oust demonstrators.

Though his presence is currently being billed as an appearance and not a performance -- TheWrap was only able to confirm that he may perform -- a press release for the event lists Nothing Is Wrong band Dawes as his special guest, so it's probably wise to apply a if it walks like a duck philosophy in this case.

At any rate, the maybe, maybe-not concert will begin at 1 p.m.

Browne joins a growing list of musicians who've shown solidarity for the movement, including hip-hop icons Russell Simmons and Jay-Z, who have announced plans to organize their own concert, and David Crosby and Graham Nash, who played a mini-set at Zuccotti Park earlier this month.

Well known cause-stumper Browne has a long history of musical activism, performing -- sorry, appearing -- at events for various movements including the No Nukes movement, Farm Aid and Amnesty International.