• James Charles will be Twitch game show "Love or Host's" biggest guest yet
  • Those who want to participate in the episode must be above 18 and submit a one-minute video
  • The episode featuring Charles will stream live Sunday on the AustinShow channel on Twitch  

YouTube superstar and beauty guru James Charles will be the next guest of “Love or Host,” a viral game show that airs on the AustinShow channel on Twitch.

The game show is a fusion of traditional reality TV and live streaming and allows viewers to either eliminate or matchmake guests. While “Love or Host” has had prominent guests such as YouTuber CallMeCarson, streamer Pokimane and Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound, Charles, who has 23.6 million YouTube subscribers and 23.8 million Instagram followers, will be the game show's biggest guest to date.

Fans of Charles were excited when they noticed a cardboard cutout of the makeup guru in a previous episode of the show.

“I’m currently trending because of a cardboard cutout?? This is definitely a first, someone please explain,” Charles tweeted in September in response to his fans' messages.

How to apply and watch

Those looking for love and want to be part of the show need to apply by filling out a Google Form shared by Austin, the show’s creator, though only if they are above 18 years old. They must mention their Twitter handle and the number of followers they have across social media platforms.

Aside from this, they will need to prove how interesting they can be in a 1-minute video submission, after which they will need to participate in a live-streamed interview before the main show.

The “Love or Host” episode featuring Charles will stream live on the AustinShow channel on Twitch on Sunday at 4 p.m. EST.

While viewers are not required to have a Twitch account to tune in, fans might want to create one if they want to comment and engage with the show.

“Love or Host,” which has found its footing on the internet, first streamed in June. Over 100,000 people tuned in to the show’s first episode, with all the latest episodes garnering more than 1.5 million views.

Its concept involves having the audience decide the eliminations and act as the matchmaker.

“Love or Host,” previously called “Rajjchelor,” was named so because Austin used to go by Rajj Patel. The rebranding has led to a boost in popularity, with the show’s creator hosting many other streaming and reality shows. Austin's talent show, for instance, will have a prize pool of $40,000 in November.

james charles
James Charles attends the 96.3 Mega FM Calibash on Jan. 11, 2020 in Los Angeles. Taylor Hill/Getty Images