During Sunday's Super Bowl, Georgia attorney Jamie Casino showcased an action-packed local commercial that blasted the police department in Savannah, Ga., for the handling of his brother’s shooting death.

The commercial was aired only in Savannah, where viewers got a chance to watch the two-minute long segment from Casino, during the first local commercial break. Casino, who was a criminal defense attorney told WTOC TV that the reason behind making this commercial was to clear his brother's name following allegations that he was a party to criminal activities.

During his interview, Casino said: "My intention was simple to vindicate my brother and my parents - one and done - and let people know in Savannah that there are some people who won't keep their mouth shut. Some people who will take their message all the way to the Super Bowl, and I think I pulled that off."

The commercial begins with a line from the Bible: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, ensure justice for those being crushed,” and features Casino stating: “I’m attorney Jamie Casino, and I don’t represent villains anymore.” He picks up a sledgehammer to show his anger and the commercial ends with the Twitter hashtag #casinoslaw.

On Monday, Casino wrote on his Twitter account: “Today my little brother is smiling from heaven. This is all for you Mike.”

In 2012, Casino’s brother Michael Biancosino, 30, was shot dead along with three other people, and the police department reportedly said at the time that “no innocent people were shot.” Casino had accused former Savannah Police Chief Willie Lovett for misleading the public regarding the circumstances of the shooting.

Casino also reportedly said, during the time of the incident, that the detectives investigating the case had said that there was no evidence against the victims of the shooting. Although Lovett later accepted that the victims were innocent, Casino's commercial, which was already in the making by then, includes Lovett’s voice stating that “no innocent people were shot.”

Check out the commercial here:

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