• Jamie Chadwick is being backed by millionaire David Dicker
  • Dicker is the chief executive of Rodin Cars
  • Chadwick will be the first female in Formula 1 since Lella Lombardi in 1976
  • She is a development driver for Williams Racing team

Twenty-two-year-old Jamie Chadwick is hopeful for a career in the F1 thanks to the financial backing from Rodin Cars founder and owner, David Dicker. Chadwick will be taking part in the regional event as she looks to increase her international ranking within Formula 2 and 3.

According to the young driver, she aims to compete in Formula 1 by 2023 or 2024, hopefully.

Dicker, who established his fortune in IT, said that the British driver showed exceptional talent during a test she did back last March in New Zealand. The multi-millionaire stated that Chadwick's racing talents were evident and that they were taking the long term view when it came to her journey towards Formula 1.

Rodin is working towards creating the world's fastest track car to make it commercially available and will be working with Chadwick to get on track feedback.

Chadwick won the W Series last year and bagged prize money of over $630,000. She is set to become the first female driver in Formula 1 since Lella Lombardi back in 1976.

Chadwick is also one of the development drivers in the Williams F1 team. She stated that if she were subjected to a smaller budget, she would not be able to justify being in Formula 1.

According to BBC Sport, Chadwick also said she would not be giving herself the best chance to perform if she could not race with Prema, which she sees as one of the top teams. She recognized the substantial financial backing required in motorsport and thus her excitement to be backed by Prema.

The female driver said that she was nearly unable to travel to New Zealand due to the international lockdown, claiming that she arrived just 6 hours before the new policy of the 14-day quarantine was enforced. According to the driver, the lockdown was a bit helpful because it helped her to proceed with conversations about her career.

Chadwick commented that as a racer, there is always the uncertainty of what is going to happen come the following year. But with her new backing, she could entirely focus on performing her best.

Prema's reputation in the racing world is exceptional, considering they have promoted the careers of top F1 drivers like Charles Leclerc, among many others.

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