Jamie Foxx Ding Dong
Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx took on the role of a Ding Dong during a "Weekend Update" segment about the recent Hostess snack company's bankruptcy. SNL

Jamie Foxx hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the second time this past weekend, and the “Ray” actor earned acclaim from comedy skit fans for his portrayal of a Ding Dong snack cake on “Weekend Update.”

The “SNL” news parody brought on Foxx wearing an absurd costume, made to look like a Ding Dong, the snack cakes formerly made by the now bankrupt snack company Hostess. The Ding Dong snack brand was one of many Hostess treats to be discontinued, but Foxx’s chocolate character claims that the Twinkie is getting all the publicity because of snack profiling.

“Y'all act like Twinkie is the only one with a delicious, creamy filling," Foxx said, while playing an indignant chocolate cake.

The Oscar-winning movie star didn’t only display his acting talents on “Weekend Update.” The actor also claims he performed on Dr. Dre's song -- “Keep Their Heads Ringin'” -- from 1995, singing the songs hook “ring ding dong.”

“Weekend Update” wasn’t the only skit that featured Foxx; he took on Tyler Perry in a spoof trailer for “Alex Cross 2, Madea: Special Ops.” The thriller spoof sees the “SNL” host playing Tyler Perry as Cross and Madea in a Two Face-esque split personalities role.

The show also featured Foxx in a game show skit called “Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney.” The segment had three black cast members attempting to guess if they were looking at a picture of McDermott or Mulroney, while the host – played by Bill Hader – gave confusing clues.

This week’s “SNL” host was also featured in the court room skit, “Maine Justice.” Foxx plays the bailiff on the quirky daytime court show parody.

The acclaimed actor also performed with the show’s musical guest, 2 Chainz.