Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx is photographed at the Mercedes-Benz Oscar-viewing party in Los Angeles, Feb. 28, 2016. Getty Images

Katie Holmes was recently spotted flashing some serious bling on that finger, which got fans buzzing about the possibility that she and Jamie Foxx have taken their relationship to the next level. While some fans were hopeful that she and the "Annie" star had or were planning to wed, a rep for Foxx says it's not what it seems.

Foxx's rep released a statement to People magazine on Friday about the engagement/marriage rumors saying while both actors had been seen sporting what appeared to be wedding rings, Foxx, 48, and Holmes, 37, are not engaged or married. In fact, the publication reports the ring Holmes was wearing that sparked the latest batch of rumors is the same one she's worn for quite some time.

On Friday, the Daily Mail reported that Holmes was spotted outside Blick art supply store in New York City wearing a gold ring with a solitary diamond. The publication noted that it's the same ring she's been wearing since January — the first time rumors of pending or past nuptials between her and Foxx began circulating.

In addition to marriage rumors, it has been reported that Holmes may be pregnant with Foxx's child. A report from OK! Magazine this month suggested that the former star of "Dawson's Creek" was expecting, though she had not yet gone public with the news. The site claimed that she and Foxx were holding out on announcing the alleged pregnancy, which was said to be nearly three months along at the time.

Despite both marriage and pregnancy rumors constantly cropping up, a 2015 report from People suggests that Holmes and Foxx just aren't that serious. A source said People that they were "friends" and had been for ages, adding that they were simply "two adults who are attractive and single," which leads to rumors. It was said that they were nowhere near considering making "some serious commitment."