Despite the pain Jane (Gina Rodriguez) felt after Adam (Tyler Posey) broke things off with her, she was glad for one thing - she felt heartbreak again.

Rodriguez said during an interview with Jimmy Fallon that Jane’s heartbreak this Season 4 of “Jane the Virgin” is “awesome,” and everything she experienced with Adam is all about “happiness and joy and finding her heart again.” So as painful as it was to lose Adam, Rodriguez explained that Jane felt “gratitude” because it “means she can love again.” It’s “such a beautiful feeling,” the actress added.

Rodriguez then proceeded to thank show creator Jennie Snyder Urman for giving her Jane, which she considers as her best role thus far.

Earlier, Rodriguez told Elite Daily that she appreciates how Urman takes into consideration their inputs for their characters. Because of this, the characters feel real and relatable to the audiences.

“She listens to our conversations, watching people interact day-to-day,” Rodriguez said. “So much of what comes out on the show is from Jennie’s experiences. The stories from writers, or stories they hear, they’re all common, true, and pertain to real life. We don’t sugarcoat anything.”

Now that Adam made a decision to leave, there’s a huge chance that Jane would rekindle her relationship with her baby daddy, Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni).

Jane and Raf have really been on a rollercoaster of emotions this Season 4. They went from being friends to warring co-parents, especially after Raf lost all his money and was forced to move into the Villanueva house. Raf really hit rock bottom when he started using Katherine Cortes (Alex Meneses) and played with her emotions just so he can get his hotel back.

But after all was said and done, Jane and Raf managed to find their way back to neutral footing. They remembered the love they had for each other, and strove to become better friends. Urman said it’s not too late for their romance, and she told Deadline: “You can’t rule out Jane and Rafael and their connection. You’ll have to watch and see… I will say there are some pretty romantic moments this season.”