Adam Alvaro
The female narrator who introduced Adam (Tyler Posey) will only be present in the first episode of “Jane the Virgin” Season 4. The CW

The first episode of “Jane the Virgin” Season 4 took a different turn by introducing a female narrator. Anthony Mendez’s original narrator wasn’t booted off, but the Latina voice complemented his as she introduced Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) first love, Adam Eduardo Alvaro (Tyler Posey).

The two narrators were hilarious to hear, with them trying to outdo each other in terms of importance. However, executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman said the female narrator will no longer be present moving forward.

“It’s a device we used to introduce Adam as a significant character moving forward. The theme of the first episode is that everyone is the hero in their own story. Jane has been the hero of ours, and we’re meeting somebody who is in the middle his own story, as we all are when we meet other people,” Urman told Variety. “We’ve been going out in our life, and our narrative collides with someone else’s narrative, and something new takes over. That’s what we’re exploring in the first episode, but it was just a device for the first episode.”

Even though Adam has endeared himself to Jane and the show’s fans, the same cannot be said of people in Jane’s life. Her mother, Xo (Andrea Navedo), is trying to be more neutral about Adam. Her grandmother Alba (Ivonne Col) isn’t crazy about him, and neither is Jane’s baby daddy Rafael (Justin Baldoni).

“That is going to be a complication,” Urman teased. “They have very different vibes and attitudes. This is going to explore a new layer of their relationship, and it’s going to be difficult to navigate that because he’s living at the Villanuevas for the foreseeable future until he can figure out his financial standing.”

As for the show’s end game, Urman wouldn’t say. Jane could end up with either Rafael or Adam, or she might decide to just be a single mom. However, Urman told The Hollywood Reporter that nothing’s set in stone.

“I have a specific end point that I would like to build towards, but it’s not all in my hands so I have to talk to my bosses about that and hope that we’re on the same page,” she said.

“Jane the Virgin” Season 4 airs every Friday on The CW at 9 p.m. EDT.