Uh-oh, it looks like Team Rafael fans of “Jane the Virgin” may not see their ship getting back anytime soon now that Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) first love, Adam (Tyler Posey), is back in town.

Jane was on her way to tell Rafael (Justin Baldoni) how she truly feels about him in Season 3 when Adam came along, carrying a letter from her late husband Michael (Brett Dier).

Executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman told Variety that this act carries “a lot of weight and will be a complication to Jane figuring out where her heart is at.”

“It’s always nice when you’re introducing a new character to have some history with the main character. It’s a nice shorthand for being able to jump in to their relationship, fill in some gaps on what went wrong, what went right, and have an immediate sense of history and familiarity and stakes with them,” she said.

It does not help that Rafael has just lost his home and business after his sister Luisa’s (Yara Martinez) takeover of the Marbella. As a result, he will be crashing in Jane’s apartment and feeling despondent.

“What happens to Rafael when all of his money and power is taken away? Does he revert back to the old Rafael or have the changes he made last? He’s somebody who has never struggled for money and has defined himself largely by it and by the power that comes with it. He’s really on unfamiliar grounds when we see him and has to make a lot of difficult and compelling choices,” said Urman.

Despite Rafael’s predicament, Urman assured fans that Season 4 will focus on “bringing back the joy and the romance and the heart-expanding telenovela love stories that we’re yearning for now after a very emotional third season with the loss of Michael.”

At the same time, Urman told TV Line that Rafael losing his money won’t be a completely bad thing. Crashing in Jane’s place will help him form a bond with Alba (Ivonne Col), who has always been part of Team Rafael.

Baldoni also told TV Guide that he is hopeful for Jane and Rafael to get back together, especially after everything they went through. “I’m such a romantic; I do think Jane and Rafael belong together,” he said.