Gina Rodriguez, star of the hit TV show “Jane the Virgin,” has a successful career in Hollywood that many of her peers wish to achieve. But what is the secret to her success?

Rodriguez shared some tips with Forbes. The Latina actress said that it’s important for people to believe they belong in whatever field they wish to pursue.

Personally, Rodriguez said she had qualms when she first started out as a producer. “This is where it begins, even before the challenges are thrown at you. So many of the people I encounter, who are going through the challenges of being discriminated against, first have to tell themselves that they are deserving to enter these arenas as producers. Or enter rooms with heads of studios,” she said.

Next, the actress said it’s important for people never to compromise themselves. “I think a lot of people can relate to thinking that they have to change in order for people to say yes,” she said. Once people embrace their individuality, it is “only then you are able to really be an artist (to the fullest extent) because you are not compromising yourself,” she said.

At the same time, Rodriguez said that people have to prepare themselves for failure. The path to success is never easy, and people are bound to fail from time to time. How they deal with these failures will ultimately shape their goals.

“You need to push through no because the only way to success is through failure. By not allowing it to stop you,” she explained. “It is really just about constantly pushing through. Those that are not allowing no to push them into a different direction or path will eventually get a yes. It is true for anything you want to do in life.”

This was not the first time Rodriguez shared her tips for success. She earlier told The Collegian that the saying “I can and I will” really defined her work.