A Japanese man, who tested positive for coronavirus, visited two bars in Gamagori City on Thursday after being asked to confine at home.

The man, who is believed to be in his 50’s, was sent back home by medical personnel after he was confirmed to have been infected with COVID-19. He was asked to remain indoors until they found appropriate medical facilities for treating the patients infected with the virus. However, he decided to take a taxi to two bars in the area before returning home.

According to Fuji News Network, he first took a taxi to Izakaya Bar after reportedly telling a family member, “I am going to spread the virus.”

He then walked to another bar where he informed the patrons that he was tested positive for Coronavirus. After hearing the man’s confession, the staff alerted a local health center and police officers dressed in protective suits arrived at the restaurant to arrest the man. However, by the time the officials arrived, the man had already returned home in a taxi.

According to the officials, both establishments were under the process of getting sterilized. The staff members and customers that were present at the scene were undergoing examinations to determine if they were infected.

“I can’t get this straight in my head,” said a staff member, adding, “I cannot express it in words since I only have anger.”

The man had tested positive with the virus despite not showing any symptoms. His parents, with whom he lived, also t4ested positive for the virus. Following Thursday's incident, he was sent to a medical institution.

“It is highly regrettable that he did not remain home as instructed,” said Toshiaki Suzuki, the Mayor of Gamagori city.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Japan reached 1,217‬ Monday including the people from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship. So far, 17 people have died from the virus and 76 people have successfully recovered.

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Photo illustration of coronavirus infection. geralt - Pixabay