NEW YORK (Billboard) - Jarvis Cocker has written three songs for the upcoming film Get Him to the Greek, a spinoff of the hit 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The former frontman of U.K. rock band Pulp said that what he's written so far is rather silly, but it's a silly film.

The songs would be performed by Russell Brand's character Aldous Snow, a hapless rock star who is about to open a huge tour at Los Angeles' Greek Theater. The Judd Apatow-produced film, which also stars Jonah Hill and Rose Byrne, is expected to be out in 2010.

Last week, Cocker wrapped a short tour in support of his second solo album, Further Complications, with a sold-out show in Brooklyn, N.Y., and an appearance on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Three European festival gigs are on tap in August.

As for other upcoming projects, Cocker says he'd like to reprise the series of musical events he held in May at a Paris gallery, where he and his band jammed with fans and improvised music for everything from a dance party to a yoga class. He's eyeing doing it all again at a London art fair in November, but details have yet to be confirmed.

Cocker said Pulp, which hasn't performed since 2002, is frequently offered opportunities to reunite. So far, such an endeavor hasn't held much appeal for him, but he says, I better decide for sure pretty soon, because otherwise, I'll be too old.

(Editing by dean.goodman at Reuters)