Days before DC’s “Aquaman” is about to hit the theaters, a rumor about costars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard getting "flirty" with each other started gaining steam – a claim that can be debunked.

The tabloid NW gave rise to the false rumor that Momoa’s wife, Lisa Bonet, was not happy about her husband getting cozy with Heard during the promotions of their upcoming movie.

“Amber and Jason don’t just hang out on set – they’re insanely inseparable off set too,” an anonymous insider told the tabloid.

The questionable insider further contended that Bonet felt insecure about her husband’s closeness to Heard as the latter is known to have hooked up with her co-stars in the past. Heard even met her former husband, Johnny Depp, while working together on the film “The Rum Diary.”

Apparently, the “Enemy of the State” actress was so jealous of her husband’s relationship with Heard that she considered warning “Amber off her man.” “Lisa’s not giving up her man without a fight,” the unnamed source said.

However, the tabloid’s article had a number of flaws. For example, both Momoa and Heard wrapped up shooting for “Aquaman” in 2017, which meant there was no question of them spending time together on the sets of their movie in the recent months, as the insider cited by NW seemed to claim.

Moreover, Gossip Cop reached out to Bonet’s rep, who confirmed the insinuations that the actress was worried about the “Justice League” actor’s relationship with his costar were “completely unsubstantiated.” The spokesperson added that Bonet did not suspect Momoa and Heard to be getting too close while promoting their movie and that she was not worried or jealous of their off-screen friendship.

In fact, Bonet was photographed hugging Heard at the premiere of “Justice League” – another movie both of them starred in – in November 2017. At that point, both Momoa and Heard had spent months working together and hence Bonet would not have embraced her supposed nemesis if she really harbored ill feelings toward her.

Lastly, Bonet has always been open about the trust she has toward her husband.

"What’s cool about Jason is that he’s an alpha male who stands for love and family. And to circle back to my own wounds, having an absent father, then to be fully met by a man of that stature, is really incredible. Jason embodies a rare form of masculinity in this day and age – he’s a leader; he’s generous. Just in terms of charisma, physique, the right use of power, responsibility, work ethic, you can go down the line,” she said in an interview with Porter magazine in March.

Hence, it was a distinct possibility that NW was simply trying to create a false narrative in order to get a buzz of a love triangle going before the release of “Aquaman" since Momoa and Heard are currently the hot topic in the entertainment industry.