An epic battle dubbed “Jaws v Claws” left tourists in Australia stunned and photos of Brutus the crocodile eating a shark alive are going viral. Not only did Brutus, a well-known croc in the Adelaide River in Kakadu, get a good meal out of the bull shark—he also got his sweet revenge. Legend says the 18-foot-long crocodile thought to be about 80 years old lost all of his teeth and a front leg to a shark years ago, according to The Agence France-Presse.

Local news source Northern Territory News nicknamed the clash “Jaws v Claws,” calling Brutus “Adelaide River’s most famous and fearsome resident” and the “undisputed king.” The fight and subsequent meal was witnessed by about 25 people Monday but photos of the incident were captured by Sydney resident Andrew Paice, NT News said.

Paice told The AFP he, his wife and seven-year-old daughter were on an hour-long wildlife cruise when they first saw the famed crocodile on the riverbank. That’s when the battle royale went down.

"As we were going past, we noticed that there was a fin. We thought it was a barramundi (fish) or something,” he said. "And the guide took the boat in for a closer look and lo' and behold... it was a shark."

At first, Paice said he thought the croc had lost as it was “lying there with the shark in its mouth.” But then, the shark “started to trash around.”

“The shark was still alive. Brutus took the shark back into the water and then started to shake it around a bit,” Paice told NT News. “He then went back into the mangroves like he was protecting his prey.”

NT News declared Brutus the winner.

Paice said his daughter was "awestruck" by the experience along with everyone else.

"So were the rest of the people including the guide; he had never seen it before either and he had been there for about 30 years. He was so excited,” Paice told The AFP.

Cruise operator Morgan Bowman told NT News that cruise workers “don’t see many” sharks in the river on a regular basis. “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen one of our crocs catch a shark. It was amazing,” he told NT News. “It just shows for an old croc, Brutus is pretty quick.”

Bowman added that the “undisputed king of the Adelaide,” who normally eats buffalo meat, is just keeping up with his status.

“We’ve got all these other crocs, nothing ever seems to happen to them,” he told NT News. “He’s definitely got a bit of a reputation.”