Jayme Closs Update $5 M Bail
Jake Patterson, the man that kidnapped Jayme Closs, had his bail set at $5 million on Monday. A police car blocks the road January 11, 2019 in Gordon, Wisconsin where missing teenager Jayme Closs was found. - A 13-year-old American girl, missing for almost three months after her parents were shot dead at their home in the US Midwest, has been found alive with her hair matted and wearing oversized shoes. 'Jayme Closs was located alive,' the sheriff's office in Douglas County, Wisconsin, said in a statement late Thursday. It said she was located near the town of Gordon, close to Lake Superior and approximately 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of her home in rural Barron, Wisconsin. Getty Images/KEREM YUCEL

Jake Patterson, the man that kidnapped Jayme Closs and killed her parents, had bail set at $5 million at his initial hearing appearance Monday in Barron County, Wisconsin.

Patterson appeared by video at the hearing with his defense team by his side and also in the courtroom. The state requested $5 million in bail based on the charges against Patterson and the great lengths that he went to conceal his crimes.

According to the criminal complaint, Patterson changed the license plate on his car several times and made the dome and truck light in his vehicle inoperable so no would see him get in and out. He also shaved his head so he would not leave DNA evidence, and bought a mask to conceal his identity. He also removed the glow in the dark kidnapping cord from the trunk, the criminal complaint said.

The state also requested that Patterson have no access to a firearm and no contact with Closs.

Patterson is being charged with four criminal counts in the case. He is being charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide for killing Closs’ parents Denise and James. Both counts carry a life sentence in prison.

Patterson is also being charged with the kidnapping of Closs and armed robbery. The kidnapping charge cares a sentence of $100,000 fine and 40 years in prison. The armed robbery charge carries a $50,000 fine and 15 years in prison.

According to news reports, Patterson and Closs’ version of the events that happened during her parent’s death and kidnapping nearly mirror each other. Patterson told investigators he was determined he was going to take Closs “that night and was going to kill anyone in the house because he could not leave any eyewitnesses behind.”