• All wireless headphones suffer from short battery life, regardless of brand or features
  • JBL by Harman seeks to deal with the problem with a new pair of self-charging wireless headphones
  • The JBL Reflect Eternal is still in crowdfunding stage at the moment, and can be backed for only $99

Wireless headphones give users the convenience of being able to listen to music anytime, anywhere, and without having to deal with the hassles of wires that tend to get tangled just about anywhere. Some wireless headphones even offer great sound capabilities, along with the best features such as noise cancellation, smartphone and digital assistant integration, and more.

Regardless of their features, however, every wireless headphone falls in one crucial factor: battery life. Some wireless headphones last for hours before needing a charge. Some last for a day's worth of music, calls and other features. Some even last longer than that, with a case capable of charging other devices such as smartphones. Still, all of these devices need to be charged after use.

Audio company JBL, owned by Harman, sought to end the low battery problem and worked on creating the JBL Reflect Eternal, a pair of self-charging headphones that virtually allows users to use it non-stop without the worry of needing to look for a power source, Engadget reported.

The new JB Reflect Eternal is actually still in crowdfunding stage, and is not in production yet. The company said it has a working prototype right now, but the idea is very promising: The JBL Reflect Eternal uses a special “Powerfoyle” material that converts direct and indirect light into energy used to charge the audio device.

Simply put, the more light the device receives, the more power it produces. And the more power it produces, the more playtime users will enjoy. JBL proudly claims that the more time a person spends using the device outside, the more battery life the device will have. Those who don't go out often can charge the device indoors – as long as there's light.

JBL claims that by using the JBL Reflect Eternal outside for 1.5 hours results in 68 hours of playtime. Taking a 2-hour walk outdoors will result in 168 hours of playtime. Spending 2.5 hours outside on a daily basis, with the JBL Reflect Eternal worn on the head and in use, will result in “Virtually Unlimited Playtime.” Of course, the added battery life depends on the brightness outside.

The JBL Reflect Eternal boasts more than just its self-charging nature. JBL says it offers Dynamic JBL Pro Sound. It also has Ambient Aware and Talkthru technologies allowing people to be aware of what's happening around them as they listen to music. It also offers the convenience of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It also has USB speed charging for those emergencies.

The JBL Reflect Eternal is still in Indiegogo at the moment. Those who are interested can be a Backer for $99, and expect to receive the device once it ships in October next year.

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JBL by Harman solves the battery problems wireless headphones face with self-charging technologies. (In this picture, a visitor adjusts headphones at the Deutsche Telekom pavilion on day 2 of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 23, 2016,) DAVID RAMOS/GETTY IMAGES