In a shocking incident, a jealous wife barged into a bar and fatally shot a woman sitting next to her husband. The incident was caught on surveillance camera.

The security footage, captured on Feb. 18, showed the suspect, 31-year-old Dayane Rodrigues, arriving at a building in Tiangua, Brazil, on a motorcycle with an unidentified man. Rodrigues walked into the bar carrying a purse while the man waited outside. She then opened fire at the table where her husband and his five friends were seated.

A bullet struck 26-year-old Djaiane Batista Barro on the head. She hit the ground and died on the spot. Another man seated at the table also suffered gunshot wounds.

After the shooting, Rodrigues and her husband were seen wrestling outside the bar. The man was seen trying to grab the silver gun from her hands. A short while later, Rodrigues was seen walking away from the crime scene with the handbag, but it wasn't clear if she still had the gun.

The husband's name was not revealed and it was not known what relationship he had with the killed woman.

Rodrigues was arrested a short time later. During the interrogation, Rodrigues told the investigators that she committed the crime because she was "angry" that her husband was visiting the establishment, which was infamous for frequent visits by escorts.

Police said the couple used to fight frequently as Rodrigues disapproved of her husband's visits to such bars.

The woman said she did not intend to kill anyone and that she did not know the victim, police told local media. She told officers that she randomly opened fire to "disperse" the table where her husband was seated.

Police said Rodrigues committed the crime without any planning and did it on impulse.

She is now being investigated for homicide and bodily injury. Police said she was not associated with any crimes in the past and that she was distressed by her actions.

The 24-year-old man who suffered gunshot injuries to his hand was rushed to a nearby hospital. He underwent surgery and was recovering.

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