Jennifer Aniston
Cast member Jennifer Aniston poses at the premiere of "The Switch" at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood, California. Reuters

Jennifer Aniston and Smartwater launched a 'viral' video via YouTube to promote the water company in March. Now the actress goes topless for the new ad campaign.

The image shows a nude Aniston lying beside a bottle of Smartwater.

Nudity in clothing and product campaigns is nothing new for advertisers. It's a sure fire way to gain an audience's attention, and while they're admiring or critiquing the nude model or, in this case, actress, the subliminal messaging power of the advertisement is supposed to sink in.

Soon enough, Jennifer Aniston will be the image they see when they think of bottled water, or at least advertisers hope this will be the case. This image will then create the masses to buy their particular brand, such as Smartwater.

This form of advertising is not uncommon for European markets, but in America, nudity is not as widely embraced.

The specific design of a brand is equally crucial. The Smartwater bottle is clean and simple with nothing but a blue drop of water to entice thirst within their consumer.

In a design sense it seems fitting that Aniston is also bare -- it provides a clean, fresh approach, rather than a sexual one.

Also, these days advertisers need to grab the attention of their audience. A simple ad with a water bottle will no longer suffice. The idea is to generate a buzz.

In the 'Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral' video, the writers poke fun at how traffic is generate on the Internet. When Jennifer asks what the video should be called, the writers respond, 'Jen Aniston's sex tap,' to which she replies, 'I love it!'

Watch Jennifer Aniston's video for Smartwater (below).