“Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is at the center of some pretty serious rumors. The 21-year-old mother of Jace is reportedly pregnant and considering an abortion.

Rumors of Evans being pregnant again sprung up thanks to ex-boyfriend Gary Head. Head took to Twitter to throw around some allegations but later deleted the posts.

“Leave you alone!?!?! Just Wednesday you were all on my d---. You have issues. #KickRocksHoe,” he tweeted. Head quickly followed up his post with, “you told me you were going to get an abortion. Don’t play me for stupid. I’ll leak all your secrets might wanna #KeepHush.”

The tweets were captured by Official Magic PG before they were deleted. Evans never responded, but a hacker uncovered some pretty incriminating direct messages between Evans and Head.

“I just thought about something. If your pregnate u shouldnt be drinking [sic],” Evans' ex-fiancé posted. She replied, “Not talking about this online.”

Evans is keeping quiet on Twitter, although she did retweet a post asking if she was pregnant. The “Teen Mom” star is claiming that her Twitter account was hacked over the weekend by someone named Leo and that she finally was able to get back on the social media outlet on Monday.

Head and Evans recently partied together for his 25th birthday. Evans' estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, is currently in jail after being arrested for assault and possession of heroin.