• Jenna Marbles has apologized for some of her past controversial videos
  • The YouTube star got flak for clips of her doing blackface and making racist jokes about Asians
  • She has more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube

YouTube star Jenna Mourey, popularly known as Jenna Marbles, has announced her decision to quit posting videos on her channel after receiving backlash for some of her past videos.

In an 11-minute clip uploaded Thursday (June 25), Mourey confessed to being ashamed of some of the videos she created in the past. The 33-year-old influencer broke down in tears while announcing that this could be her last video on her channel.

“For now, I just can't exist on this channel,” she said. “I want to hold myself accountable, and it’s painful to do it. I’m ashamed of things I’ve done and said in my past - but, it’s important.”

“I think I'm just going to move on from this channel for now. I don't know if that's forever. I don't know how long it's going to be ... I'm just going to stop for now,” Mourey continued.

Mourey, who is one of the first social media stars to have gotten a wax statue at Madame Tussauds in New York City, has been making YouTube videos for more than a decade and currently has over 20 million subscribers.

Over the past few days, she has set certain controversial videos to private so as not to "hurt" or "upset" people.

“I’m sorry if any of [my old content] holds any nostalgia for you, but I’m literally not trying to put out negative things into the world,” she said in her new video.

Mourey’s controversial videos include one of her in blackface while imitating rapper Nicki Minaj. Another clip, which Mourey has deemed "inexcusable," shows her making racist jokes about Asians. There is also a video in which she shames women who have "slept around."

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, there is a renewed push for celebrities and influencers to take responsibility for their actions and words. Aside from Mourey, a number of celebrities and companies have also gotten flak over their past racially offensive behavior and work.

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel issued a formal apology for using blackface for impersonations of Karl Malone, Oprah Winfrey and Snoop Dogg.

Comedian Tina Fey also asked NBCU to remove four episodes of “30 Rock” that include blackface from streaming services. She also apologized for the “pain they have caused.”

Jenna Marbles
Jenna Marbles will guest star on an upcoming episode of Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker." Above: The YouTuber at SiriusXM Studios in Los Angeles. Getty