Jennifer Aniston's Coconut Diet
Jennifer Aniston has been linked to what is known as the coconut diet. Its adherents must use coconut oil in everything they eat, and they are required to drink massive amounts of coconut water. Reuters

Jennifer Aniston is well aware of the price of fame. With celebrity comes intense scrutiny, criticism and meddling. Ever since her marriage ended with Brad Pitt, Aniston has been at the center of a media tornado. Life with her boyfriend Justin Theroux has not changed this. In fact, it seems as if the rumor mill is spinning more out of control than ever.

The latest rumors circling Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux run the gamut from her having been dumped to her being pregnant with his baby.

Star Magazine is currently reporting that Theroux is planning to dump Aniston and get back with his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Bivens.

According to a so-called source for the tabloid, Justin walked out on the love of his life for Jen, but he's started to realize that he made a mistake.

The bloom is off the rose, the source told Star. He wants his old home, his old love and his old life back.

Justin and Heidi still talk, and they are very supportive of each other, the source says. Justin feels she's handled herself with grace, never becoming nasty or vindictive though it was a total shock when he began seeing Jen behind her back while they were still living together. Justin is full of remorse and regret which he has told Heidi.

The 40-year-old actor is allegedly sick of Aniston trying to control him. The Star magazine report highlighted how Aniston has changed him; she questioned his fashion sense and even convinced him to shave off his beard.

However GossipCop checked up on the Jennifer Aniston story and noted how Star recently published a report about a baby and a wedding.

Just weeks ago Star ran a cover story reporting that Aniston and Theroux were expecting a baby and getting married in Greece this summer, reported GossipCop. In fact, the magazine has published conflicting reports about the couple either bitterly splitting or getting married (and having babies) ever since they began dating.

GossipCop concludes that Star does not know squat about Aniston or her boyfriend or their relationship.

Jezebel also keeps track of the tabloid rumor mill, pointing out the many inconsistencies week-by-week. This week, Life & Style features a cover story, Jen Tells Friends: 'I'm Going To Be a Mom!'

'I'm Going To Be A MOM!' Hmm. This story sounds familiar. 'Jen's baby dream comes true' offers a few items for proof: She dropped out of a TV honors ceremony at the last minute; she went to dinner with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson but only drank water and didn't eat raw fish; when she goes out she ducks behind car doors or uses a jacket to shield her body; and, MOST TELLING, her roots are showing. Add it all up, and she's knocked up! wrote Jezebel's Dodai Stewart.

A spicy mix of scandal sells and, unfortunately for her, Jennifer Aniston's celebrity is the perfect ingredient.