Jennifer Aniston faced the dating rumor with Brad Pitt not too long ago, and the buzz continued despite repeated refutation on the matter. While fans and spectators held on to the idea of Aniston and Pitt rekindling their romance after his split with Angelina Jolie, the “Murder Mystery” actress was reportedly caught in another love triangle.

There was an unidentified source who reportedly said that Katy Perry, now engaged to Orlando Bloom, found some inappropriate text messages in her fiancé’s phone from Aniston, Union Journalism reported. Bloom and Aniston maintained a good friendship but the said text message made the “Con Calma” singer feel uneasy. It was additionally reported that the songwriter asked the “Friends” actress to stay away.

Aniston’s rep slammed the circulating rumors about the actress and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, saying how rubbish it was, Latin Times reported. Another report also clarified that Aniston was not turning her back on love, rather she’d been trying to take some precautions.

Who could blame her for doing that? Aniston had been through a lot most especially when she and the Pitt broke up in 2004, who afterwards, dated his co-star Jolie.

The unfortunate event left Aniston devastated and mentally torn. The hurt was too much that the “Just Go With It” actress chose to close that chapter and swore to never talk to the “Maleficent” actress again, Pink Villa reported.

There was a book written by Ian Halperin, New York Times bestselling author, which profiled Aniston. Reports indicated that in the writer’s quest to collect information that would shed light to the thoughts of the actress on certain topics about her life, he encountered several sources who revealed Aniston’s struggles after the controversial split.

Several years passed and the rekindling of Pitt and Aniston’s relationship flared up. Conveniently, it happened following the divorce of Pitt and Jolie when Pitt attended Aniston’s 50th birthday party back in February, 2019.

The possibility of the two getting back together was, however, unlikely. An unnamed source said that Pitt was no longer interested in rekindling what they had. Instead, he intends to focused on his kids, career and personal life and any romance involving his past would have to stay there, Her reported.

The same was true with Aniston. The 50-year-old American actress is living her life to the fullest. With or without a man in her life, Aniston’s just doing fine, and in fact, many saw her in and out of shops while flaunting her toned body in a pink tank-topped and blue leggings as she ran errands, Daily Mail reported.