• Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox watched the 2020 Emmy Awards together at Aniston's house
  • Jimmy Kimmel was surprised to see the "Friends" co-stars' reunion during the show
  • Aniston joined Kimmel on stage as the first 2020 Emmy Awards presenter

Jennifer Aniston reunited with her "Friends" co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow during the 2020 Emmy Awards, which was a pleasant suprise for the fans who have been waiting for their reunion special.

Jimmy Kimmel shared a clip of Aniston's mini reunion with her co-actors during the Emmy Awards on Twitter. In the video, Kimmel wanted to see Aniston to make sure she made it home because she’s nominated for Best Actress for her role on "The Morning Show" and her category was coming up. However, Kimmel and the audience were surprised to see that she had some company.

Aniston appeared on the screen wearing a pink robe. She informed Kimmel that she barely made it because she was with Kimmel at the Staples Center earlier that night. The "Murder Mystery" star  joined the host as the first awards presenter.

While Aniston was still assuring Kimmel that she's home, Cox appeared on the screen and greeted the host. 

"Wait, Courteney's there?" Kimmel asked.

"Of course I am! We live together," Cox answered.

"Yeah, we've been roommates since 1994, Jimmy," Aniston added making a subtle reference to their hit sitcom "Friends."

Shortly after seeing Cox, Kudrow joined the two, causing Kimmel to be more surprised.

"Unbelievable! Lisa Kudrow you live there too?" he asked.

"Where else would I live?" Kudrow asked the host back.

Kimmel suggested that she might live with her family and Kudrow scoofed, "Oh, yeah, lots of people live with their families."

Jason Bateman also joined the trio. However, the reunion was short-lived because they also left immediately.

"By the way, you guys are killing it, this is so great," Aniston praised the host and the rest involved in the show. 

Kimmel thanked her for the support and said it was nice seeing them gather together. However, while Kimmel was still speaking, Cox and Kudrow left and Aniston had to cut him saying, "We'll keep watching,” leaving the host baffled and asking, "What?" Aniston then left but returned immediately and said dinner was ready, so they had to leave.

Aniston was seen with a fire extinguisher earlier that night on stage with Kimmel, TMZ reported. The host made a fiery joke by spraying an envelope and lighting it on fire to clean it from potential coronavirus. However, the envelope wouldn't stop burning leaving the two socked. Aniston had to get the fire extinguisher and blast it five times to put out the flame.