Jennifer Garner is finding new ways to stay strong after announcing her split from husband Ben Affleck. Although the pair promised to move forward "with love and friendship," their divorce has been surrounded by plenty of drama. Most recently, it was rumored that Affleck, 42, had been having an affair with the nanny he and Garner, 43, hired in the spring. The "Miracles from Heaven" actress has been forced to lean on people other than her estranged husband and, according to new reports, it's done wonders for her spirit. 

People magazine reports that although Garner is "deeply hurt," she has received endless support from family and friends. Sources told the publication that despite going through a difficult time right now, the mother of three is not "helpless." She is said to have been devastated to learn the news of Affleck's alleged infidelity. People's source said she was completely unaware that there was anything other than a business relationship between her husband and Ouzounian, 28.

"She's grieving," the insider said. "But she has an amazing support system. She just had no idea what was going on." 

It was previously reported that Affleck is accused of having gone outside his marriage, starting a romantic relationship with Ouzounian. The pair were said to have bonded while playing with his children and stayed in constant contact via text messages and emails. Their relationship is believed to have escalated from there. Affleck's rep has come out and bashed those reports, but more and more details about their alleged romance continue to emerge. 

Ouzounian was recently accused of having staged the entire scandal. Sources told Entertainment Tonight she had "tipped off the paparazzi," alerting them about times she and Affleck would be seen alone together or when and where she would be driving his car around town. It was also reported that she was fired after just a few short months of working with Affleck and Garner. Those close to her said she was strangely quiet about her firing, which seemed unlike her.