Jennifer Lopez is returning to TV. The star released the first trailer for her new crime drama, “Shades of Blue,” on Facebook Sunday afternoon, and it’s clear she has taken a very serious role for her return to television (she hasn't been a series regular since "Hotel Malibu" in 1994). She plays Harlee Santos, a morally conflicted cop who becomes an informant for the FBI once they suspect that her precinct is involved in illegal behavior. Check out what we learned about the NBC show in the trailer:

1. Harlee isn’t heroic. Lopez is the star, but that doesn’t mean she is the hero. In the first seconds of the “Shades of Blue” trailer, her co-worker Michael (Dayo Okeniyi) shoots an unarmed criminal. She creates a fake crime scene to cover up the shooting. However, with the tagline being, “Between good cop and bad cop are shades of blue,” it doesn’t seem like Harlee is completely a villain either.

2. Undercover operation. Harlee is quickly caught by the FBI, but instead of arresting her, they make her an informant. Unfortunately, Harlee’s boss Matt (Ray Liotta) discovers there is a mole right away. She’ll have to figure out a way to convince her friend that she isn’t the one ratting him out to the feds.

3. Family drama. It isn’t just the cops and feds that Harlee has to worry about. She needs to keep her daughter Christine (Sarah Jeffery) safe. Harlee is clearly trying to protect her daughter from all the crime she sees at work, but the cop might not be able to keep her Christine in the dark forever.

4. It’s sexy. Even though it’s a cop drama, it looks like there will be some romantic story lines. Lopez is seen in her bra on top of another co-star, so it seems like she’ll still manage to break some hearts while breaking the law.

Watch the trailer for “Shades of Blue” below:

“Shades of Blue” Season 1 premieres Thursday, Jan. 14, at 9 p.m. EST with a two-hour episode on NBC.