Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez recently shared a new photo of her toned body on Instagram. Pictured: Jennifer Lopez Visits 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on December 11, 2018 in New York City. Getty Images/Theo Wargo

Jennifer Lopez's body looks better than those of some people half her age, but it's definitely the result of hard work and sacrifice.

Lopez recently shared a new photo of her toned figure on Instagram. The snap showed the singer-actress posing in front of a fireplace while wearing floral-printed leggings, a nude-colored beanie and bikini top that showed off her abs.

In her caption, Lopez revealed that she and Alex Rodriguez were on the ninth day of their 10-day diet, which requires no intake of sugar and carbs, and that she couldn't wait for the challenge to finally conclude. Lopez also asked her followers and pals if they were doing the challenge with her and her boyfriend.

This new post comes after Lopez shared another snap of her body midway through the diet. In the photo she shared last week, Lopez wore a blue bra top and colorful bottoms as she posed in front of a mirror. Lopez wrote in the caption of the photo, which has now received 2.4 million likes, that she was "feeling a lil better" on the fourth day of the challenge.

Prior to this, Lopez and Rodriguez challenged some of their pals to do the 10-day challenge with them. The "World of Dance" judge challenged her friends Leah Remini, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Hoda Kotb in a video posted on Instagram. Rodriguez, meanwhile, invited Michael Strahan and two more pals and said he couldn't wait to munch on pizza and buffalo wings after the 10-day diet is over.

But there's one person who recently gave up on finishing Lopez's 10-day challenge. Carson Daly admitted on "Today" earlier this week that it hadn't even taken 24 hours before he violated the no-carb, no-sugar requirements of the diet. The "Voice" host said he couldn't resist eating his sister Pinter Daly's chicken pot pies.

Unlike Daly, however, Kotb is loving Lopez's diet and said it had given her more energy.