• Jennifer Lopez, allegedly, called off her upcoming wedding with Alex Rodriguez
  • A report suggested that the 'On The Floor' singer is afraid that she would destroy a stress-free relationship
  • Jennifer Lopez, reportedly, thinks she and Alex Rodriguez don't need to rush if they will be together for the rest of their lives

Avid followers of Jennifer Lopez are, already, thrilled to see her walk down the aisle and tie the knot with Alex Rodriguez. The power couple announced their engagement on March 9, 2019. However, up until now, neither Jennifer nor Alex has confirmed concrete details of their forthcoming big day.

Recently, Life & Style reported, in its Mar. 23, 2020 issue, that Jennifer and Alex’s wedding might no longer push through after the “On The Floor” singer, allegedly, changed her tune. Though they are still very much in love with each other, insiders told the magazine that Jennifer has put the brakes on her marriage ceremony with Alex.

“Jennifer was the one who called it off. First she blamed it on a busy schedule, then she started planning again, but now it’s officially postponed and everyone is wondering the same thing: What went wrong?” a source told the entertainment news publication. “Alex would have married her a week after he proposed. They’ve enough, and he’s grown tired of talking,” it went on.

The informant stated Jennifer Lopez is anxious about messing up a healthy and happy relationship after her three failed marriages. “Engagement has always been the best part of her relationships. She knows it’s irrational, but that’s how she feels,” the tipster continued.

For starters, Jennifer and Alex Rodriguez confirmed their relationship in 2017. The American former professional baseball shortstop even revealed, during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” how he and his girlfriend reestablished contact. After they met at a restaurant, Alex decided to make the next move and asked Jennifer out to dinner.

Both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have yet to comment on Life & Style’s recent claim. However, it should be noted that, with the tabloid’s history of creating stories based on the statements of its undependable sources, this could be another work of fiction waiting to be quashed. Hence, avid followers of the couple should take these unverified claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Meanwhile, the “Let’s Get Loud” hitmaker reflected on her first movie role on Instagram. Most fans can recall that Jennifer starred in a film, which is based on the life story of Selena Quintillana-Perez, in 1997. The singer-actress took to Instagram to celebrate the life of the late Latina superstar and revealed that she was inspired after playing the role.

“Join me today in #CelebratingSelena. _✨ I can’t believe it’s been 23 years since this incredible movie came out and 25 years since her passing,” she posted, alongside a short clip of her talking about the film. “Selena was such an inspiration to me and I was so lucky to be chosen to play her. As an artist, this movie truly was an experience I’m going to remember for the rest of my life,” Jennifer Lopez went on.