Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow have forged a friendship based in their shared Christian faith.

New York Knicks breakout point guard Jeremy Lin and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, two of the most famous devout Christians in American sports, have become friends, according to People magazine.

Adrian Tam, Jeremy Lin's former chaplain at his alma mater, Harvard University, told people that he has knowledge about their burgeoning friendship, which is rooted in part both in their shared sporting acumen and love for Christ:

They've spoken over the telephone. Jeremy's been a fan of Tebow's for a while, but only recently were they able to connect, Tam said. His comment to me was that Tim is a really great guy and that he's very inspired by him.

And Tim Tebow, 24, appears to admire Jeremy Lin, 23, as well, according to an interview he gave to ESPN on Feb. 20:

How he handles himself and how he carries himself, I think he's a great role model...And I'm proud of it, Tebow told ESPN. I think he's handling himself great and I think he can take care of himself. And I just say keep being true to him and keep working hard and don't listen to everybody else.

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow also share a unique common experience, as during the past year they have each been subject to a period over-the-top adulation and intense scrutiny. Tebow-mania and Linsanity are two versions of a star-adoring phenomenon that very few athletes (especially devout Christian ones) have experience dealing with.

Lin, a 6-foot, 3-inch, 200-pound point guard, has taken the sport by storm, overshadowing his all-star teammates Carmelo Anthony and Amare' Stoudemire by leading the New York Knicks to the team's best stretch all year without their help.

Tim Tebow, who became a superstar at the University of Florida, led the Denver Broncos to a playoff bid last year that cemented him as one of the game's best young QBs. He became well-known for Tebowing, which is his practice of kneeling for a moment of prayer after he makes a play that leads to a Broncos touchdown. Tebow, who says he remains a virgin on account of his deep Christian faith, is also known for pulling out miraculous wins, which only burnish his image.

Lin, who hails from Palo Alto, Calif., was a star in college, when he led Harvard University to its all-time best basketball season in 2009 before graduating and going un-drafted in 2010. He proved himself in the NBA summer league, dominating John Wall in one particularly impressive game, and was then signed by the Golden State Warriors.

He played last year with the Warriors, but during this season's NBA lockout, he ended up without a team. He went to the Houston Rockets for a short while, but was picked up by the Knicks in December.

And since the start of February he's become a superstar. He scored a career-high 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 11. And he has racked up a number of big wins over his first three weeks of playing.

Watch the video of Tim Tebow speaking on Feb. 20 with ESPN about his admiration for Jeremy Lin below: