Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner (pictured) and wife Sonni Pacheco are splitting up after less than a year of marriage. Reuters

Two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner was able to keep his marriage to Sonni Pacheco a secret for a long time. But it seems their union was not meant to last in the light of day. Just months after their marriage became public, and less than a year after the couple wed, Renner and Pacheco are calling it quits, according to multiple reports.

The announcement might not come as that much of a surprise being that the couple married under shaky circumstances. Renner, 43, and Pacheco were already separated, having previously dated, when they decided to marry earlier this year following Pacheco's pregnancy with their daughter Ava, now 21 months. The couple reportedly initially moved in together following news of the pregnancy, then announced their marriage months later. Apparently, their attempt at one small, happy family did not work out.

So who is Sonni Pacheco? Renner's wife (for the moment) is a 23-year-old actress and model. While she is not as well-known as the "Bourne Legacy" star, she does have several acting credits under her name. She is most famous for her roles in “The Wingman” and “American Pie: The Book of Love.”

Pacheco met Renner while working as a stand-in on the set of “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" in 2011. Since she has not appeared in a film since 2012, it is unclear whether she will resume her acting career after moving on from her marriage to Renner.

Renner is currently preparing for the release of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the sequel to the blockbuster “The Avengers." The film set to premiere in March of 2015. He has yet to publicly comment about the divorce.

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