• Jill Biden's phone was taken away when she became the first lady for security reasons
  • Presidents and first ladies usually lose their personal phones when they enter the White House
  • The first lady recognized the teachers' efforts in helping the community amid the pandemic

Jill Biden told the students in Pennsylvania that she no longer has a phone after she became the first lady.

Biden wrapped up her two-state tour of schools that have reopened during the coronavirus pandemic. During her recent stop, one student told the FLOTUS how her phone was a distraction that she had to hide it to keep track with her studies. The first lady could relate to the student and told her that she also has no phone but for a different reason.

"As first lady they took my phone away so I don't have a phone either. So I know how you feel," Biden was quoted as saying by Emily Goodin, Senior U.S. Political Reporter for Daily Mail.

It's normal for the presidents and first ladies to lose their personal phones when they enter the White House for security reasons. Instead, they use phones with special security modifications to keep them from being hacked, Goodin wrote.

Most complained about the loss of their personal devices. Barack Obama received a special calibrated Blackberry to stay connected with the people dear to him. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump defied it by keeping his personal phone.

The FLOTUS, an educator who teaches community college class virtually from the White House, delivered a speech during her visit. In her remarks, she recognized the efforts of the teachers who continue to teach amid the pandemic and the significance of unity.

"'If we come together in unity, I think that's the direction we're headed. And that's what I see as an educator myself, that, you know, better things are going to happen because we've gone through this horrific experience. We're going to come out better for it, really," she said.

"I think the teachers are doing such a great job,' she said during her stop at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Meriden, Connecticut. 'Meeting the kids where they are, whether that's in school, whether it's at home. I mean really, I think what the teachers have done this year to help our America's children has been incredible."

The first lady shared photos of her visit on Twitter. In the caption, she expressed her support in the reopening of the schools saying, "We all want to get our kids back to school."

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