The Tonight Show
Jimmy Fallon interviews Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on "The Tonight Show," April 14, 2016. NBC

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been a guest on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” numerous times. So before Ted Cruz went on the late night talk show Thursday, he got a call from Trump with some advice ... well, from host Jimmy Fallon pretending to be Trump anyway.

Fallon reprised his famous Donald Trump impression for a mock phone call to Ted Cruz, who was in the studio for an interview as he campaigns for next week's New York primary. Fallon's Trump instructed Cruz on how to handle himself on the show and threw him some practice questions.

One question the fake Trump threw at Cruz is how the candidate would recover from his statements at a January debate when he appeared to disparage "New York values."

“I’m not going to pander to New Yorkers. I love New York City. It’s the greatest city in the world with the best-looking audiences in the entire world,” Cruz joked. “When I said New York values, I was trying to say I value New York. Except I was saying it backwards, the way Yoda would say it.”

Later, Cruz thanked the parody Trump for the advice, saying “I appreciate you being the bigger man.” That opened the door for Fallon to mock Trump for defending his penis size at a debate in March. “Oh, I’m the bigger man," said Fallon. "With the bigger hands and the bigger ... You can't see me, but I'm pointing to my Trump Tower."

Watch Jimmy Fallon impersonate Donald Trump in the clip from "The Tonight Show" below:

Trump and Cruz are both eyeing the New York primary Tuesday. There are 95 delegates at stake in the state's Republican contest. Trump currently holds a sizeable lead in the delegate count, with 743 to Cruz's 545. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is a distant third with 143 delegates.