Jodi Arias is currently serving a life sentence for killing Travis Alexander in 2008, but she may soon receive another chance to plead her case. This new development also has the ability to potentially overturn her past conviction.

According to AZ Central, Arias could be released in the future due to the misconduct allegations that have been following Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez. Among the ethical issues that surround the Arias trial, Martinez reportedly provided information to a specific blogger who was covering the court proceedings, made sexual comments to a Maricopa County Superior Court employee, and provided false testimony during an ongoing investigation.

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Karen Clark, who is representing Arias in the ethics case, stated that she believes both the disciplinary case and the criminal case seem to be surrounding the same issue of whether or not Martinez violated the rules.

Regarding what the Court of Appeals would be looking at, they will reportedly be considering several factors surrounding her case, including whether or not Arias is entitled to a new trial if it was found that there had been intentional prosecutorial misconduct, whether she had been deprived of the ability to appropriately present her defense to the jury, and other associated issues. A date for the oral arguments has not yet been set.

As for Arias' current life in prison, she reportedly has a new boyfriend, Benjamin Ernst, and has faced a "disciplinary violation" since being in custody.

Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias is pictured in her mug shot on April 15, 2015. Arizona Department of Corrections