Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Trump in six key swing states according to a new CNBC/Change Research poll, indicating that the incumbent got little bump for the Republican National Convention.

Biden continues to hold narrow leadsin Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The survey that was released Wednesday claims that Biden holds a 49% to 45% overall lead over Trump, an insignificant increase over the former vice president's 49% to 46% lead two weeks ago.

Another new poll shows Biden with almost a double-digit lead in Pennsylvania.

Most notably the CNBC poll finds that Biden holds a 49% to 46% lead over the Republican incumbent in Florida. That's in contrast to an NBC News/Marist poll that was posted on Tuesday, which claimed both nominees were squared away at 48%.

According to another NBC News/Marist poll posted Wednesday, Biden also holds a nine-point lead, 53% to 44%, against Trump in Biden's home state of Pennsylvania. The CNBC/Change Research poll gives Biden a 50% to 46% edge over the the president in the critical battleground state.

The NBC News/Marist poll indicates that in Pennsylvania 44% of the respondents have a favorable impression of Trump, while 54% have a negative one. On the flip side, Biden has growing support in Pennsylvania. In the state, 50% view him favorably, while 46% view him a negative way.

Biden's narrow lead holds true for the rest of the swing states as well. The CNBC/Change Research poll reveals that Biden holds a 49% to 45% lead in Arizona, a 49% to 43% lead in Michigan, a 49% to 47% lead in North Carolina, and a 50% to 44% lead in Wisconsin.

The CNBC/Change Research poll surveyed 4,143 likely voters” over the weekend in the six states. Forty-five percent respondents viewed Trump favorably; 52% have negative feelings about him. Biden’s numbers were similar with 45% viewing him favorably and 49% unfavorably.

The survey respondents were also questioned about their top issue in the election and the results showed a great divide politically: 61% of Democrats said their top issue is Covid-19; 58% of Republicans rated law and order No. 1.