Joey Lawrence reveals what he wants from his new album, "Imagine." Bobby Quillard Photography

He's made an impressive career for himself as an actor since releasing his debut self-titled album in 1993. But after hearing from fans for years who were begging for a third album, actor and singer Joey Lawrence is back with what the fans have requested.

"Imagine," which drops today, is Lawrence's third album, one which he told International Business Times in an interview, was inspired by the fans who he says have asked him for years about whether or not he'd consider returning to his roots again.

"The last four, five years, really, ever since social media sort of really took off, and I've really been able to get in touch with a lot of my fans and they've really been able to talk to me, it's been a groundswell, where every other question is, 'Are you going to release more music?'" he told IBT. "And I started working on it, and I got it to a point where I felt like it was something that hopefully that the fans would like, and that I could be proud of, and we put together a collection of songs, and so far so good."

Lawrence, whose tracks on the new album include the already released hit single "Girl," as well as nine other tracks, including four collaborations, hopes the album is received well, but most importantly, his hope is just that the fans love what he gives them with the music, because he truly just wants to entertain them.

"At the end of the day, really, we're there to entertain," he said about being a performer. "You know, if I can make people smile when they listen to my music and it makes them feel good for three minutes of time, that's really all I want to accomplish, you know?"

However, while the music is a big focus in his life right now, Lawrence promises fans who love seeing him on the small screen that he isn't abandoning that part of his career, and there are several projects lined up on the horizon, including a new show that reunites him once again with his brothers, Matthew and Andrew.

"No, we've got tons of time to do both. Yeah, working on a whole bunch of stuff, " he said. "I sold a movie to Crackle that we're developing. I've got a new series with a really cool new network...I'm doing a show with the brothers again, single camera, super edgy, scripted comedy, really great. We've got an amazing award-winning writer to develop it with us. Super excited, in the throes of pre-production as we speak, and when we have an official release, obviously you'll know. That's been long in the gestation process, very excited about that. I'm also helping a dear friend of mine out on a network show that's going to be released in the trades soon that I'm really excited about. There's a lot going on, and music is one of them."

"Imagine" is available now.