Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp was photographed sporting a new haircut as his divorce battle with Amber Heard continues to heat up. Getty Images

Witnesses are being called to come forward to testify in Amber Heard’s case against estranged husband Johnny Depp. The actress claims the “Alice Through the Looking Glass” actor was physically and verbally abusive during their brief marriage and wants him to pay for his alleged mistakes — but sources close to the couple seem to believe there’s more to the story.

According to a report from TMZ, security guards Jerry Judge and Sean Bett have been asked to testify in court in July. The pair are said to have been present during a fight between the married couple that may or may not have gotten physical last week. According to the publication, Depp, 52, and Heard were inside their apartment when the fight took place. Guards were standing at the door in an effort to give the couple space to speak privately but could still hear what was going on inside. Sources tell TMZ that Heard screamed she’d been struck, which sent Judge and Bett running into the room, where they found Depp in the kitchen and Heard on a couch in the living space. Sources say Heard was trying to make the guards believe her husband had physically assaulted her, which backfired.

In fact, TMZ reports both bodyguards claim that it was Heard who was known to fly off the handle. Bett and Judge reportedly had to physically pull her off of Depp on more than one occasion. In other instances she is said to have thrown bottles and charged at him. Those claims remain unconfirmed at this time.

Heard, 30, stands by her claims that she was abused by the Golden Globe Award winner. She responded to criticism via a statement issued by lawyer Peter Sample on Sunday. Heard’s attorney told People magazine allegations that she was trying to blackmail Depp were both “outrageous and defamatory.” The statement was a direct response to an article written by Depp’s longtime friend Doug Stanhope. The column appeared on the Wrap, suggesting Heard was manipulative to her husband during their relationship. Stanhope also claimed Depp once told him Heard threatened to lie about him and their relationship if her demands were not met. Sample told People that was “absolutely and unequivocally false.” He also called for the Wrap to retract Stanhope’s article.

Friends aren’t the only ones coming to Depp’s defense. The actor’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, is standing by her father throughout the legal drama. On Sunday, the 17-year-old actress posted a photo of her and her father, calling him the “sweetest most loving person.” She added he had been “wonderful” to both her and her younger brother their entire lives. The photo garnered more than 200,000 likes and thousands of comments, many of which suggested Heard was “a liar.”

The teen later posted a screen shot from a People story regarding the case. The portion of the article posted on her Instagram account stated the Los Angeles Police Department had “found no proof that a crime had occurred.” The article went on to share details from the LAPD’s response to Heard’s call. Sgt. Marlon Marrache, who was present May 21, when the incident allegedly occurred, said the actress did not insist on filing a police report, and officers did not see a need for one to be filed. Marlon added that it did not appear as though a crime had occurred, “so the officers left the scene and left a business card.”