• Johnny Depp painted his late dog Mooh
  • Johnny Depp still misses his pet Mooh after over a decade
  • Johnny Depp sponsored a little bat that was rescued by a clinic

Johnny Depp still misses his old dog Mooh over a decade after his pet died.

On Monday (April 20), the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star shared a snap of him holding a guitar on Instagram. Depp looked cool in his striped shirt, matching striped hat and faded jeans. He was also wearing shades. According to him, the photo was taken from a studio when Kirk Hammett of Metallica brought the famous guitar “Greeny” owned by Peter Green. He said that it was an incredible experience.

In the same shot, Depp can be seen leaning on a life-size portrait of a dog. The art was painted by the veteran actor himself.

“The painting on the wall is one I made of an old friend,” Depp wrote. “My old dog, Mooh, who sadly passed away back when i was away on location filming, ‘Public Enemies’. He was a very gentle boy and i still miss him greatly!!!!”

Depp’s “Public Enemies” movie was released in 2009. Thus, it has been over a decade since he lost his fury friend. Depp has been praised for his dedication to the welfare of animals. In 2015, he became an official sponsor of a week-old premature bat with a red baby named Jackie Sparrow in his honor.

According to Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre director Trish Wimberley, Depp decided to help their little patient after learning about her. Depp gave a $1,000 sponsorship for the animal.

“One of the volunteers here actually works with Johnny Depp as a voice coach and told him about a premature little bat that she rescued during the floods at the start of May,” Wimberley said.

“He has a special interest in bats and so he said to her that he wanted to sponsor it. When we were thinking of a name we thought about Charlotte or Little Princess but then Jackie Sparrow came up and we got the official okay from the man himself.”

In 2015, Depp’s Yorkshire Terriers Boo and Pistol were caught in a difficult situation after his ex-wife Amber Heard flew them to Queensland by private jet without declaring them to the customs. The country has strict animal quarantine laws to prevent infections. Heard paid a $1,000 fine and pleaded guilty, The Guardian reported.

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