Johnny Weir
Sources close to Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov claim that botched vacation plans may have played a major role in their split. Reuters

Former Olympic skater Johnny Weir took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal his marriage to Victor Voronov was over. Though the message seemed gracious, reports from news sites such as Us Weekly and TMZ have revealed that it’s reportedly a vicious breakup.

Sources told TMZ Sports that Voronov didn’t even know about the divorce until Tuesday, a day before Weir took to Twitter to share the news that his marriage was over. But sources connected to the athlete claimed to TMZ that Voronov is lying. They reportedly said Voronoc is already on his second divorce lawyer, which means he definitely has known about the divorce for more than a few days.

Voronov's crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, alleged to Us Weekly that there was some type of “trauma” that occurred in their relationship, but didn’t specify. "Victor is shocked by the abrupt ending of his marriage and is dealing with the trauma endured during the marriage including multiple things that he is only now becoming aware of."

It’s been reported that Voronov was contacted to do an interview and that he turned around and told his estranged husband’s team he would only agree not to do the interview if Weir said he would pay him $25,000 for lawyer fees and support. This is just speculation, however, and neither Voronov nor Weir have publicly commented on the alleged bitter nature of their relationship. The two were married on Dec. 30, 2011.

During an interview with Access Hollywood in February 2014, Weir explained some of the hardships in their marriage. "My husband was actually in the closet until about a month before we were married," he said about the Russian lawyer. “He comes from a very strict and judgmental world."

In the interview, he also spoke about some of the problems the two had been experiencing. "Being married is an adjustment, and I'm such an OCD, solitary, confined person that it was very hard to open my life and my home and in some ways my closet to somebody else," he continued. "We both are constantly fighting to wear the pants in the relationship."

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