Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi is staring death rumors in the face. Reuters

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi surely never imagined himself as a spokesman for pain relievers, but that's his latest gig.

The lead crooner of Bon Jovi is the newest spokesman for Advil.

Those who sniff at the singer's shilling for sponsors must keep the cold, hard facts in mind: he's pushing the big 5-0. Sure, he can still bust a move on stage, but, once offstage, it takes a bit longer to recover than it used to.

Pain doesn't have much of a place in my life, he said in a promotional video on the Advil Web site. I check the schedule and it's not on it.

Fans shouldn't worry.

Bon Jovi may be getting older, but he hasn't slowed down. He's still performing and is active with his non-profit, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

Most people only know one side of my life, he said in the Advil video. They see me onstage and they think that that is who I am. There's many layers to everybody, everywhere. Singer, songwriter, philanthropist, father. Life's a juggling act.

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